Much more than a barbecue.

enjoy the warmest
toghetherness in style.

Gathering around the fire and enjoying the barbecue as a meeting place. OnFire’s sleek design is inspired by elegance and nature. OnFire wood-fire barbecue: a green choice which is line with the sustainability aspect of the product and the effortless maintenance required to opearte it.
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Everlasting performance
and high versatility.

The structure is available in corten or black powder coated metal with rust-proof and corrosin resistant threatment. The art of combining cool aesthetics and resistance to atmospheric agents. Barbecue with an elliptical plate: the advantage of being able to cook different foods at the same time perfectly.
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Wide range of accessories
suitable for different styles of cooking.

Everything you need to transform bbqs into culinary journeys where you can experience different cuisines and style of cooking. OnFire professional grills can cook any type of food optimizing cooking time. A great recipe book with worldwide flavors.
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Marinated soy Salmon with bok choy

Remove the bones from the salmon fillets with the special tweezers and cut out 4 fillets of 200g each. In a large, low container, add the soy sauce, the ginger and sliced ​​garlic. Place the salmon fillets with the skin facing up. Leave to marinate for 2 hours, covering with cling film and turning the salmon from time to time...
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